CakeBook Monday: THE CAKE COOK BOOK by Lilith Rushing and Ruth Voss

This wonderful cookbook from 1965 contains a plethora of cake recipes, but the reason I really love it is for the Rare, Historical, and Offbeat chapter which contains the priceless recipe for the Toothless Nell Cake. Plenty of used copies can be found online for as little as a mere penny.

Toothless Nell lies buried in Boot Hill at Dodge City, Kansas. Wyatt Erp, Bat Masterson and other law men of that day probably tried to keep her in bounds. We are told she liked this cake. How she ate it without teeth history doesn't record.


I baked and wrote about the Toothless Nell cake for my former blog, Domestology, back in 2012. You can find that post here if so inclined.