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The Cake Breaker

It is possible you've never seen one of these—or even know what it is—but in the mid-20th century, it could be found in almost every American kitchen. . 

Patented as the Food Breaker in 1932, this multi-pronged metal and bakelite tool was the invention of an Ohio man named Cale J. Schneider. Though able to serve a variety of "food breaking" needs, it was primarily marketed as a way to slice cake without putting any undue pressure on the delicate beast; Angel Food Cakes, and their ilk, were particularly  susceptible to the squash-factor. 

Click  HERE  to see the Food Breaker patent in its entireity

Click HERE to see the Food Breaker patent in its entireity

Following his death in 1971, the New York Times ran an obituary on May 29th in which Schneider is described as the inventor of a "cake breaker to slice the softest cake . . . currently in use as a comb for Afro-American coiffures." 

There are plenty of original Schneider Cake Breakers available online from Etsy or Ebay, and a few firms still manufacture them today. 

Side note: Schneider also invented sweet corn holders called Kob Knobs and a Food Slicer. The guy was really into prongs.