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I once saw a therapist who, after my bemoaning how "I can't write a book about cake with the World as it is," responded firmly, "Jessica. The World needs a book about cake." Let it be known that I have no plans to turn this space into my own political sounding board, but the entire point of CakeWalk is to examine the way this simple baked good fits into our lives, stories, and cultures. Cake has a place in celebrations and in sorrow. In our homes and in our public sphere. Just look at #cakegate

The current climate is unlike any I've experienced in my lifetime, one that leaves me with the lingering anxiety and anger which seems to be the norm now amongst so many. As is a feeling of powerlessness. Some march, some write, some call (some superheros do it all). Some aren't sure what to do or want to find a way to use their own skills to make difference, however small. In thinking about what I can do, I thought about cake (though I'm kind of always thinking about cake).

The hashtag #cakeitbetter popped into my head yesterday during a moment of extreme news-based anger, and I thought to myself, yes. Cake It Better. That said, you will occasionally see a #cakeitbetter post on here. There is no plan in place (the new chicken and egg is hashtag and idea), but today I did bring a chocolate sheet cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles into the office and sent out an email to my colleagues inviting them to come by my office for a square in exchange for a donation in any amount, all monies going to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I put the cake out at 2:00. By 4:00, I'd collected $84 with a few squares of cake to spare. 




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