Dear Spring, Thank you for listening.

It's been a long, weird winter here on the East Coast, with sifts in weather reminding me of my hometown, Denver. There, going from 32 and snow one day to 60 and sun the next is par for the course, but here is NYC, it's just annoying—especially when trying to figure out how to dress a 2.5 year old. 

All of that said, I was craving a spring time cake, the kind of cake that might work its magic on the weather gods and bring us some sunshine and quiet winds. Not hot weather mind you (I am a cold-weather lover), but a break from the back-and-forth. So I baked up Joy the Baker's Yellow Cake with Honey-Lemon Frosting, a cake that reminds her of springtime as well. Power in numbers, right? 

And it seems to have worked! There's been rain, but not too much (yet) and mild temps with sun and winds. I'll take it . . . and I'd keep it. You don't want to see me in the summer. 

PS: The Cake is wonderful, the frosting the star with its cream cheese tang and bright lemon notes. I craved a stronger honey taste, so I might up the qty. the next time I make it, but I highly recommend it. The recipe can be found in her latest book, Homemade Decadence!